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Cell phones are an important part of our lives. They once used to be a luxury, but now they are a necessity. They have come a long way from being a wireless telecommunication service. Now they are our one-in-all gadget for connectivity, entertainment, learning, and for availing a number of services.

Without a phone, you can’t call your boss, call a car to pick you up, find your friend’s new shop, or search for a restaurant. We are so dependent on our phones that it is hard for us to imagine a life without them. This is why when they break or stop working, we try to find the best phone repair service to fix or revive them.

So how do we find the best mobile repair service? Here are some of the tips you can follow.

Online or Nearby

There are a number of online services available if you want to get your phone repaired. They are usually reputable vendors with good gadgets and technicians. But sending over your phone for repair, getting it repaired, and receiving it back will cost you more money and time.

If you want to get your phone repaired quickly, you may choose a nearby repair shop. If you find the right service, your phone will be repaired for cheaper, and maybe even on the same day.

Authorized Vendor

Many phone companies have authorized vendors that sell, service, and repair their phones. Even if your warranty has expired, you may get your phone repaired by an authorized vendor. They usually take more time and cost more than other repair services, but in return you get your phone repaired by a company trusted source. Plus, any parts they replace will be from the original manufacturers.

Repair Warranty

A sign of a good repair service is the repair warranty. Most good repair services give you a repair warranty. The warranty may extend to a few weeks, 3 to six months, or even to a year. Most services that provide a repair warranty are credible and use good quality parts. They might cost more though.

Online Reviews

Employ the power of the internet and your friend’s phone to search for the online reviews of any phone repair service you are considering. They might also give you an idea of whether the service does a good job with the phones of the same brand as yours.


The cost is probably one of the most important factors to consider. How much a phone repair service charges you for the repair of your phone depends on a few factors, namely the extent of damage, your phone’s overall condition, parts that they will use, and the quality of work they do. When you get an estimate for the cost of repair of your phone, you may choose to spend a few more bucks to get a new phone, just to be safe.

Try Now

Before taking your phone to a repair service, try searching online for the problem your phone is having. It might be something simple that can be fixed with a hard reset. But if the problem requires your phone to be disassembled, it is better to go with a professional repair service.

Also, using good quality parts in your repair is better even if they cost more. It will be better than getting your phone repaired again after a short period of time, simply because you chose to go with cheaper parts.