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Smartphones are an important part of our lives. So much so, that most of us don’t even remember a time when we used to get by without them. There are few established brands in the wide market of smartphones, but few are as distinct and as well known as Apple.

latest iphone models

Apple iPhones have been famous for both the right and the wrong reasons. It has been one of the trendsetters in the world of smartphones, mainstreaming a lot of innovations. An Apple iPhone is also considered an overpriced luxury. Whatever the views and sentiments of the general market are regarding the iPhone, every one of its new releases stirs up the market.

Latest iPhone

iPhone 11 is the newest in line. Launched on 20th September, it was as well-received as its predecessors. It comes in three different versions, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. The new phones tout Apple’s first three-camera configuration (in Pro and Pro Max versions). While it’s not the first in the market to introduce three-camera technology, iPhone 11 Pro’s camera feature really made an impression in the smartphone market.

What’s New?

The new camera configuration is a pronounced improvement over the past models. Even the dual-lens array of iPhone 11 has significantly improved the photo and video quality. It incorporates more detailed views and broader perspectives. The camera’s night mode is also a cut above its peers. The 12 MegaPixel front camera with improved true-depth design has aided in the improvement of the facial recognition feature. It also allows for “slofies” – Slow motion selfies.

A faster A-13 processing chip with a 3rd generation neural engine is also an update. This six-core processor is claimed to be 20% faster and 40% more power-efficient than the previous processors.

The display is also improved. The new display is Liquid Retina for iPhone 11 and Super Retina XDR for the pro versions.

Difference Among Models

The three models differ in a few features. The first is the camera. The basic iPhone 11 has a two-camera display while the pro versions have three camera configurations. Display sizes are also different, 5.8” for iPhone 11 Pro, 6.5” for Pro Max and 6.1” for iPhone 11.

Battery timing is best for the Pro Max and is considered the best yet in any iPhone. The water-resistance of Pro and Pro Max is up to 4-meter depth, while iPhone 11’s is just 2. Max capacity in iPhone 11 basic is 256 GB, and for pro versions, it is 512 GB.

With the basic model, you won’t get the fast charger with the packaging, but you will with the other ones.


Apple iPhone 11 is a good phone and reasonably priced, at least compared to the rest of Apple’s pricing history. One major negative point for iPhone 11 is that it does not support 5G. This makes it a bit behind the times in the smartphone market, especially in countries that have deployed 5G technology.

Despite mixed reviews and average improvements in iPhone 11, people are already waiting for the launch of the new iPhone next year.