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I’ve got completely taken apart on my desk sitting in front of me for another project so I figured we go through each of the parts one by one and I’ll tell you what I now [Music] so you might be asking why an iPhone 7 why not an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X and one of the answers is that just happens to be what I’ve got taken apart in front of me right now but the second and more important answer is if you want to build a phone from scratch if you want to go and buy all of the individual parts you can’t pick a phone that’s too new and the reason for that is that a lot of these parts are used they’re coming out of phones manufactured by Apple and and sold to people so you got to wait for them to either break their phone or or sell it to get a new one.

If you’re trying to do that on the very newest phone there just aren’t that many parts available there are a bunch of parts that make up an iPhone but there are really only four main parts there’s the case there’s the logic board the screen and then the battery let’s start off by talking about the logic board this is really the most important part it’s kind of the part of the phone the brain of the phone it’s got the processor it’s got the RAM and it’s got storage on it and it’s got the majority of the electronics are on here now this also means it’s the most expensive part and it’s the hardest part to get it’s also the part you least want to damage which is unfortunate because it’s probably the most fragile part the other big thing you need to know is about touch ID buttons touch ID buttons are paired cryptographically to the logic board.

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