apple mouse repair

They’re usually all of those are installed the thing that’s really tripped me up has been the little wires that go these go onto the back of the button covers and then there’s a clip that holds the button cover in on the iPhone 7 and then this has a little tiny metal shim on it and there’s sometimes hard for me to find in the market when I just sort of have to ask somebody if they have some spare ones I’m sure there’s a place that I can buy them it’s always been like the hardest most frustrating thing and I didn’t know I needed these initially oh the other thing is that there are there are rubber gaskets on the legs of the foam covers and usually they won’t already have the gaskets on them when you get the case I guess they just sort of assume that you’re like swapping cases on a phone and that you’re gonna transfer the gaskets over but so that’s something to be aware of these all these little pieces alright we’ve talked about the major four components of the phone and that leaves us with I guess everything else and everything else is relatively cheap.

There’s a lot of parts and you know it’s very detailed detail-oriented you there’s a lot of parts that you gotta track down and you gotta get the right ones I have always ended up you know a few parts short when I’ve tried to do this which you know being here in China and it’s very convenient to go pick one up if you’re trying to do this mail order it would be much more frustrating so I’m gonna try and take you through as much as I can and try and explain all of the pieces the first thing kind of major obvious thing is cameras so the back camera they’re not super cheap I want to say like 10 bucks that could be run on that and then the front camera is sort of this cable assembly that has some other stuff in it I think the flash microphone there’s no flash there’s a there’s a like ambient light sensor at a microphone and pickups for the earpiece speaker and then plugs into the logic board what else cables.

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