Disassemble an iPhone

Many times there is a need to disassemble an iPhone due to some internal problem completely. However, removing an iPhone is not a simple task since you have to be very careful with the hardware of the cell phone. Not everyone can perform this action since the person must know what he is doing and be prepared for it.


First, you have to know the tools required to dismantle the iPhone in the right and successful way:

  • Screwdriver: A special screwdriver must be used to disassemble an iPhone because Apple uses special screws called Pentalobe.
  • Suction cup: It is used to lift the screen (LCD).
  • Spudger: It is a tool used to separate plastic components under pressure.
  • Tweezers: They are used to collect or separate certain elements.
  • Separator tool: It is used to separate the front part (where the screen is located) and the rear part.

Step by step to disassemble an iPhone (from version 6 onwards)

The following process is complicated, so you should know very well how to do it:

Remove screws

  • To start, the iPhone must be turned off. You must proceed to loosen and remove the Pentalobe screws located on the bottom of the cell phone next to the charging connector using the special screwdrivers.
  • After removing the Pentalobe, you must use the separator tool together with the suction cup to separate the front (screen) of the back cover. This step must be performed carefully to avoid damaging the screen and also not to break the flexible tapes.
  • Once you have separated both parts, you will have to loosen the 5 Phillips screws located that close the metal cover located above the LCD screen and also the flexible ribbon connectors. That way, you will ultimately separate the screen cover.
  • Remove the main button by removing the 3 screws that support it. You must take special care with the rubber flange as it is susceptible and can break. You must press and push carefully to remove the main button.
  • Loosen the two screws that hold the metal cover located above the battery connector and the speaker.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the SIM card tray.
  • Remove the two screws that hold the flexible power and volume button connector to remove them.
  • Remove the base plate by unscrewing the ten screws that hold it.
  • Loosen the two screws that hold the camera and remove it with the tweezers.
  • Repeat the previous step with the speaker, headphones, antennas, charging port, and vibration motor.

Remove the screen

  • You must remove the metal cover. To do this, you must unscrew the two screws that hold it. Subsequently, remove the headset and the front camera.
  • You must remove the 6 screws that block the LCD screen.
  • Use the tweezers to remove the flex cable very carefully to avoid breaking it and then remove the backplate from the LCD. This way you will have removed the screen.

Remove the battery

  • With a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws on the protective cover of the battery flex cable to disconnect it.
  • Carefully pull the tabs located on the bottom of the battery and take them out the side to remove it easily.

How to Dismantle an iPhone

Following each of the steps offered above, you can disassemble your iPhone most carefully and successfully possible. You have to be cautious with the most delicate elements to avoid breaking or damaging them.