fix imac screen

If you want a working home button even if you don’t want working touch ID if you want to work in a home button with that you can press you know go back to home you need the button that goes with the logic board you cannot buy a separate home button and have that work only Apple can replace home buttons and are equipped to graphically pair them now logic boards are almost always real I’ve never seen a fake logic board Apple is the only one that can make processors for iPhones so you know I’m gonna see a fake logic board but you might see a repaired logic board and the repairs can vary in quality so it’s important to check when you buy a board that you just check that the components are there there’s no sort of dodgy wires running around the board where there shouldn’t be one thing that makes it that a little bit harder is that there are these shields that cover the processor and a good portion of the components on both sides so you have to take a little bit of faith what’s going on beneath these covers but more importantly you want to test it.

The tests that they do to test all the various features next is the screen this is the second most expensive part in a phone usually it’ll come sort of partially assembled so the backlight digitizer 3d touch and the LCD itself are all already laminated together but there are a bunch of other parts that you have to add on like the the front camera and the touch ID button there’s not there’s a back plate that goes on here let’s go through all of those one thing to be careful of is to not tear these cables they’re super fragile and it really sucks when you tear them because it’s expensive to either replace it or or repair it in terms of the different types of screens you can buy you can buy original screens either new or refurbished you can also get aftermarket screens that are obviously cheaper the vary in quality I’ve seen ones that I couldn’t tell the difference between the aftermarket screen and an original screen.

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