How to Dismantle a Computer Screen

dismantle a computer screen lcd

You may be so busy working online or at the office that you sometimes wonder how to dismantle a computer screen when things go wrong. Computer screens these days are usually LCD monitors, replacing the old version of Cathode Ray Tube or the CRT monitors.

Here are the easy steps to help you dismantle a computer screen and fix your office or any digital issue at hand.

  1. Start placing the LCD monitor display side down. Remove all screws. These are usually located at the monitor stand and even at the back.
  1. Using a flat head screw driver, insert it between the two halves of your LCD monitor to separate its front and back parts. Slide the screw driver head very carefully through the gap.
  1. As you do this, feel the presence of any plastic clips holding the front and the back parts of the monitor together.
  1. Once you feel you reach a clip, depress it.
  1. Get going until all clips are disengaged and the front part of the monitor separates from its back.
  1. Unplug all cables from the inner back panel and the circuit board sockets.
  1. Remove all screws you see on the monitor’s inner back panel side. Pull them off on the screen’s front display.

Important Safety Reminder

Static electricity is an important thing you should never forget about when you dismantle your computer screen or LCD monitor. Since the usual reason why you dismantle your LCD monitor is that you want to fix any issue in it and you want to use it again in the future, it is always wise and safe to remove any static electricity.

So, this is how you ground you metal equipment in removing static electricity. Using the screwdriver or any tool, press its tip to another nearby object that is made of metal. This removes static electricity to help you work safely on any fix you will be making in your LCD monitor or any computer screen.

Knowing the Tools of the Trade

Make sure you have the right tools to dismantle a computer screen or any LCD monitor. You will need such tools as the lamp chord, Philips head screwdriver, Philips flat-head screwdriver, and pliers with plastic handles. Always keep these things with you when you dismantle your computer screen or even assembling it back for your safety and to keep your LCD monitor in good condition.

How to Dismantle a Laptop Screen

You may be wondering if the steps above will work on your laptop screen too. Check out the steps below to help you work it out.

Removing the Front Bezel

Remove the front bezel by using the box cutter or hobby knife in the screw covers. Remove all screws with a screwdriver. Once all screws are out, apply pressure with your forefinger to remove the front bezel. This will help you gain access to the laptop screen.

Removing the Laptop Screen

Unscrew the bracket screws. Place tissue paper or soft cloth on your laptop’s keyboard. Remove your laptop screen, laying it face down on the keyboard. Gently pull out video connector at the back of the screen. Disconnect the inverter at the bottom of the screen.

Working your way out to dismantle your computer screen or even laptop screen is never a hassle with these tips.