mac keyboard replacement cost

So technically these three parts make up an MVP a minimum viable phone you can boot an iPhone with just a screen a logic board and a battery you don’t even really need the battery if you’ve got the proper like desktop power supply incorrect connectors that being said the obvious major part that we haven’t talked about is of course case you know it’s got the Apple logo it keeps everything safe inside both from physical damage but also from water damage it you know tries to keep things as water-resistant as possible it also is the antennas of the phone so these metal pieces here are isolated via these plastic strips here on the top and bottom and are the antennas ones cellular and ones Wi-Fi I think it also is where all of the stuff inside the phone mounts with screws.

So there’s all these Mountain points all within the case here on the sides these things are actually pretty complex and in terms of how they’re designed and engineered I wanted to quickly talk about the button covers because this honestly has been one of the things that’s tripped me up the most when dealing with cases you’ll get a little or you should get a little plastic bag with the button covers and the SIM card tray that go with the case you know that are all the right colors but there a bunch of other little pieces that you need that are sort of considered to be part of the case so there’s a little like clip here that holds the the back camera in there’s a lens cover just a little piece of glass that goes over the rear camera there similarly another one that for the flash there’s a little vent for our sensor goes in there I guess it’s a microphone goes in there and then there’s some vents down at the bottom for the speaker and the barometric vent over here you may or may not get those with your case usually.

Find out how to disassemble an iphone.

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