macbook 12 screen replacement cost

I’ve also seen really crappy ones one of the things you’ll need when you’re putting the screen on the phone is you’ll need an adhesive gasket particularly if you want it to be waterproof or you want to try and make it as waterproof as possible definitely need this this is sort of a crazy contraption that it’s got a bunch of different tear off strips but basically once you tear all the pieces off I think you tear the big part off first and then stick it down with the other parts still attached so it keeps its shape you stick it down into the case and then tear off the top and you can put the screen on that brings us to the battery a pretty simple part it’s just got a little connector on it plugs into the logic board there’s not a lot to say they’re cheap they’re like five bucks ish here in the markets you can get new ones from Apple you can get used ones that were made by Apple and you can get aftermarket batteries I try and get Apple ones.

I don’t really know it will always what I’m getting but they’ll throw it on a battery tester in the market show it’s holding a charge that’s usually good enough for me when you’re installing the battery you’re gonna need some battery strips these these are adhesive that hold the battery down they’re special in the sense that they’re stretchy adhesive so you can get the battery back out I’m screening these up but you can see like okay that’s not how you do it but they’re stretchy they go underneath and then the black tab like wraps around the top and it’s so that when you go to take it out you you pull and stretch the adhesive and it gradually comes unglued so you don’t have to like pry up the battery and risk damaging it and then blowing up in your face and be permanently disfigured for life and and all that good stuff so make sure you got battery strips.

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