macbook lcd repair cost

I’m sure there’s engineering reasons why they want metal brackets in some places plastic brackets in another but ultimately it’s all to just hold stuff in place there’s also brackets that that connect things electrically come together so they sort of bridge like the antenna lines in the case to electrically connect the logic board to the actual antenna strip brackets obviously you need all of them you need most of them a lot of them are actually optional I’ve assembled fairly working phones with way not enough rackets but if you’re going to use the phone a lot there just to prevent stuff from shifting around and getting unplugged when you don’t want it to increase reliability again it’s one of those things if you’re testing you can get away with without a lot of them but if you’re really going to use the phone carry around you really do want all of them installed.

They’re a bunch of them I don’t really want to go through each one in too much depth because I don’t think it’s super interesting but here’s a graphic sort of listing all of them and showing you what they look like and roughly kind of where they go on the phone and that brings us to everybody’s favorite part screws there are tons of tiny screws in iphone not only are they tiny and there are a bunch of them they’re a bunch of different types so there are Phillips head there are a tri-tip there are these stand off screws that are that are don’t even know what they’re called there they got a cross on top and then they’ve got a screw thread on top and then a screw on the bottom and then there’s a pentalobe screws on the outside but not only that there are a bunch of different diameters and lengths it’s a lot to keep straight so my recommendation is buy a complete kit of screws for an iPhone 7 and then sort them out as you go but not only that I would recommend you buy at least two sets maybe even three.

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