macbook loose hinge

So there are two major flex cable assemblies that go in the back of the case this one so there’s a top and a bottom this is the top this is the bottom the top one has the buttons for volume the lock button flash microphone and then plugs into the logic board the bottom flex cable has the Lightning jack it has two different microphones it has an antenna cable pickups for the speaker on these bottom flex cables you can find both like refurbished original ones AB copies I don’t know I I would say try and get originals if you can I was getting originals when I was doing the headphone jack modification because I really cared about the quality of the parts in this and I really wanted consistency.

I’ve seen some really low quality copies where the parts like weren’t even soldered properly to the board the price really isn’t that different I these are like five bucks like 35 Kawai so just get the original set very if you can next time we’ve got the speaker that sits on top of some contacts on the bottom flex cable and then peel off the screw here the taptic engine is what makes vibrate and it actually is also what gives the home button a button feel the home button on a7 doesn’t actually move at all it’s just a sensor and so the tactic engines are it kicks back at you when you push the home button so in terms of parts that go that get installed on the screen we’ve already talked about the home button we talked about the front and camera some there’s also this metal plate it’s just a shielding plate this gets screwed onto the back of the phone this doesn’t seem to come with the screens usually you have time to separate that brings us next to kind of a broad category of brackets so there’s metal brackets like this there’s also plastic brackets that look more like this.

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